It was the 1980s when I started visiting my grandparents in their wallpaper shop. I remember the scent of the paper samples and the weight of the pages. There were papers with spongy plastic reliefs that were all the rage at the time. I leafed through them and ran my hand over them to feel the embossed pattern with my fingertips. Every now and then I would secretly scratch off a few pieces .. In those days, wallpaper was not considered a luxury piece of furniture even if, like today, even then there were more valuable products than others. I remember many flowers, a few lines and a lot of damasks. The choice was not huge and it was rarely bought with the help of the architect and interior designers were seen even less.

Although I grew up in surrounded by wallpaper swatches and fabric hangers, I never thought I would be part of that world. I wanted to work in communications and so after a degree in institutional communication in Rome, I left for London where I took a Master and shortly after started working in advertising. 10 years later I had accumulated wonderful experiences in one of the most fun creative industries ever. I have worked on important brands at an international level, with celebrities, I have traveled and shot commercials in beautiful countries and I have seen the fruit of my work on TV and in the press all over the world. It was nice but after so many years I felt the need for a new challenge.

I have never strayed from the world of interior design. That special shop that smelled of paper and paint has become a beautiful show room with the fruit of my parents' hard work. Those samples with a worn cover on which my grandmother kept an inventory with a pencil have been replaced by fancy new books with incredible collections of wallpapers and wall-coverings. The interest in the industry, the desire to keep up with new brands and new products has never passed.

With the birth of my children, I became a model like all mothers. And that grew the desire to have something of my own as I wanted to create something new to make my children as proud of me as I am of my parents and my family. Something that reflected the world I grew up in, but combined what I learned in my adult life away from the influence of home.

Deco Interni collects my design selection of wallpapers, wall-coverings and murals. I have hand-picked each one of the products you find on this site. My taste is the fruit of my travels, of my experiences; each one gives me a different emotion.

I hope you like my selection.