The color red is attracting a lot of attention in both fashion and design lately, and the "unexpected theory of red" has emerged as a fascinating trend. Labeling it a “comeback” may not be entirely accurate, but the eye-catching appeal of this primary color is undeniable. From dominating our TikTok and Instagram feeds with the "pop of red" trend in fashion to the latest viral video on TikTok introducing the "unexpected theory of red" to interior design, red is leaving a significant footprint. Let's delve into these related trends, explore their effectiveness, and learn how you can easily incorporate them into your space.

In a TikTok video that has surpassed 800,000 views, interior designer Taylor Migliazzo Simon introduces the "unexpected red theory" as the simple act of adding anything red, regardless of size, to a room where it might look out of place. The magic is in how these unexpected red elements enhance the overall design. Simon shows examples like a blue and green bathroom with red sinks, a mauve entryway decorated with a large red art print, and a cottage-style living room with a modern red fire pit above a burnt orange sofa. Either way, the red accents work their way through the existing decor, creating an eye-catching focal point.

While some argue that these red additions are not truly "unexpected" but rather a manifestation of color theory, the combinations featured in the TikTok video—red and blue, red and purple, red and green —are all rooted in the principles of color theory. Furthermore, red's visibility in the color spectrum makes it a powerful attention grabber, as demonstrated by its use in warning signs, emergency lights and traffic lights.

Embracing the "unexpected red" trend doesn't require a large investment. Look around your home to find existing red items, such as blankets or pillows, and experiment by incorporating them into your decor. A touch of red paint on a door frame or molding is another easy way to test the trend. When choosing shades, consider your personal style: bright reds might not suit a more traditional space with lots of antique furniture and muted hues, but earthier shades with brown undertones might be the perfect accent.

And as usual, what works at home works on you! The “pop of red” trend in fashion shares similarities with the “unexpected theory of red,” but takes a slightly different approach. Searching the hashtag #popofred on TikTok, you'll find styling videos featuring creators adding a red accessory to their outfits. In this trend, red is not used in unexpected color combinations, but is used to introduce a splash of color into an otherwise neutral outfit. Basic colors often include black, white, or gray, with the addition of a red accessory such as a bag, tights, scarf, or other statement piece.