Today, we all understand that the future points to only one path: that of eco-sustainability.

Our company studies every day the best way to create an ideal combination of natural resources, creativity and style. A research that takes place by choosing the best companies on the market, all at the forefront in the choice of eco-sustainable materials and production methods to reduce the environmental impact and emissions of polluting materials.
A choice that is not only ecological, but also of style. In fact, by bringing natural raw materials into the spaces to be designed, it is easy to create a unique harmony and an unmistakable style of the environments.

Biophilia is another word to which we are very attached and which in recent years is proving to be an increasingly pressing trend also in the world of interior design . To support this idea, there is the inseparable link between man and nature, human design and natural elements, which find the unique feature of not making the final product look like a mere building.
But not only that, in fact many enthusiasts have a strong desire to have elegant environments that can incorporate organic elements from nature.

Here in our Deco Interni store, for example, you will find custom-made panels Glamora or wallpaper by Elitis , who embrace this green vision regarding the high quality of the products offered, sustainable designs that respond to aesthetic parameters of a certain level.

GlamPure by GLAMORA: the present and the future of customized panels.

GlamPure is a wall covering that contains an ecological soul, made entirely with raw materials of vegetable origin. Organic fibers make it a sustainable solution with low environmental impact, ideal for arousing a sense of warmth and comfort in any environment.

The protagonist of these furniture panels is European linen. A surprising and highly functional textile fiber that gives vivacity to a wall covering with a naturally irregular texture that gives tactile pleasure to those surfaces that become real decorations of interiors.

A sense of balance and well-being, as often happens that each of us perceives when in close contact with nature.
Imagine bringing this warmth and this peace of nature in your interior spaces, filling them with something natural, made with a very fine linen, worked with special washes and a lot of care. Surfaces that are pleasant to the touch, to the eye and also to the mind.

These are the characteristics that make the line of organic wall coverings unique GlamPure by Glamora .


"The idea behind GlamPure is that true luxury today is to recover the essentiality of our daily life, of gestures, of the objects that surround us, of our time and of the relationship with the natural ecosystem that welcomes us. We are looking for an authentic sensory experience that passes through the touch, the visual impact and the general feeling of well-being that derives from it ".

Cit. Fabrizio Rondini, creative director of Glamora.

“I would like it exactly like this.”

Glamora creates; you choose and design.


All Glamora products are 100% custom made and designed to give the interiors a unique and personal look. Size, design and color can be adapted to make the space ideal.An infinite range of decorative solutions to create the perfect atmosphere for your


Innovation, inspired by nature - Find out more on our website by consulting the Glamora catalog which includes custom wallpapers and panels.