When buying wallpaper, the first thing to do is to measure the height and width of the wall to be covered. When taking these measures remember to consider any windows, French doors or other elements that will not be covered as if they were part of the wall.

An important variable in calculating the required amount of wallpaper is the drawing ratio. This is the height measurement of the drawing.

For example, in the card Coeurs de Marie by Pierre Frey - in the photo below - the whole drawing measures 52cm in height. When we spread the first sheet on our wall we will start from where the drawing itself begins. The paper is obviously cut where the wall ends and it does not matter if the design is not repeated in full until the end of the wall, but it is essential that the second sheet is placed next to the first in order to match the design at the same height. Therefore, the design deviation of the first sheet must be repeated for each sheet of paper. The waste is the portion of wallpaper that completes the pattern of the design and that is not used.

On a hypothetical 250cm high wall, the Coeurs de Marie paper which has a drawing ratio of 65cm will have a screech per sheet of 10cm. The calculation is made by adding the measurement of the drawing vertically up to or exceeding the measurement of the height of the wall. In this case 65 + 65 + 65 + 65 = 260 and subtracting from the total the measurement of the wall then 260-250 = 10

As we said, the second sheet will have to be placed next to the first in order to match the design horizontally, so 10cm of design must be removed from each sheet.

The Coeurs de Marie scroll is 10.05 meters long. For each sheet 260cm will be used (of which 10cm of waste as we have seen). 1005 ÷ 260 = 3.86. From this calculation we know that from each roll of paper we will obtain 3 sheets.

Let's now calculate how many sheets are needed to cover the entire wall: the same hypothetical 250cm high wall measures 7 meters in width. The Coeurs de Marie scroll is 52cm wide. So we will calculate the sheets by simply dividing the width of the wall by the width of the roll and then (in cm) 700 ÷ 52 = 13.4 - this result will always be rounded up bringing the result to 14 which is the total number of necessary towels.

If from each roll we obtain 3 sheets, to get to 14 sheets we will need 5 rolls of paper to cover our 700x250 wall.

The calculation of the wallpaper is not a simple process as it might seem and before making the purchase we advise you to use the calculator that you find on each product page as a guideline and in any case confirm the quantity with your consultant.