To be successful, a story must mainly attract attention.

The great masters of cinema have taught us how an environment, with the right interior decorations, can become a sort of magnet for the gaze, and be decisive in surrounding the story you want to tell.

In cinematic sets, decorative wallpaper often takes on a co-star role. In the cinema, it almost acts as a hook for the viewer's eye, who is almost unconsciously captivated by interior design features, while observing or listening to the unfolding of the action.

In real life, however, the same happens for a guest visiting your home, office or business premises.

What usually happens is that you feel projected into a new dimension, often dissociated from real colors and subjects, but which still strongly evokes them.

The textures of the wall fabrics, a vintage wallpaper, a geometric wallpaper or with animals, manage to evoke the most disparate sensations in the viewer: comfort, well-being, curiosity, fantasy.

If at least once you have entered the prestigious Bar Luce, inside the Prada Foundation in Milan, you would surely have felt the cinematic charm of a bar belonging to a fascinating and almost bizarre era, but most likely never lived.
This space was entirely designed in 2015 by the American director Wes Anderson, master of photography and geometry unique in the cinematographic world.

As Anderson says, "when I designed this bar my approach was the opposite of what I do for the sets of my films. I tried to create a place to go to five times a week. As a boy I wanted to become an architect, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to pretend to be an architect! "

We find these peculiarities in almost all of your films, but above all in absolute masterpieces of photography such as: the Teneabaum , Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel .

In all these films we could easily have come across the wallpapers Lemon Tree (nature), Brophy Trellis (geometric), the Double Bough or why no the Newill (with country drawings) by Morris & Co. The Singes et Perroquets nocturne wallpaper by Pierre Frey, with surreal oases populated by animals would be an icing on the cake on the walls of the room by Margot in the Tenebaum.

Yes, because in the history of cinema, there have been many examples of interior scenographies, which have made the setting of a film a winner. Making these works become real photographic works thanks also to the masters who first imagined and then directed them.
These "visionaries" of the real and the surreal, were able to direct our tastes in interior design even in our private lives, often giving us a preview of what our living room, our bedroom or why not our office would have been.

The elegance of a living room where a rough wall with cold colors is embellished with a wall covering with a peaceful theme like the one we appreciate in Parasite, by South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2019.

Or when the austerity and elegance of wallpapers during the Prohibition era meet in Boardwalk Empire by Terence Winter, HBO hit TV series starring Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson


We wouldn't be surprised if in the tv series The Queen of Chess, with the beautiful protagonist Anya Taylor-Joy who has recently depopulated on Netflix, we had met the geometric wallpapers of Cole and Son such as Alicatado (Seville collection), or others, such as Sanderson's Garden Plan .

We cannot even overlook a "monster" of photography and scenography like Sorrentino, who in the series The Young Pope and The New Pope , teaches us how to immerse ourselves in art nouveau and liberty style.




What is certain is that if you wanted to recreate a familiar environment, what would give more Christmas atmosphere, apart from the soundtrack of course, than the wallpaper of Kevin Mcallister's house in the 90s masterpiece Mamma did I miss the Airplane ?



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