How to calculate wallpaper

1. Measure the height and width of the wall to be covered and include 'empty' spaces such as doors and windows in the calculation.

2 - Calculate how many drawing ratios (the measurement of the drawing height) are needed to cover the height of the wall. In Coeurs de Marie by Pierre Frey - on the right - the entire drawing measures 52cm in height. For a 300cm wall, 6 reports are needed (52x6=312).

3. You know that for one sheet you need 312cm so a 10m roll of paper gives you 2 sheets (312x2=624cm).

4. Calculate how many towels you need: the roll is 52cm wide and your wall is 350cm wide so you need 7 towels (52x7=364).

5. Each roll of 2 sheets and you need 7 so to cover the wall you need 4 rolls of paper.

6. If you are not convinced, write to us in the chat (bottom right ;) )

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