Arte is a family business that puts beauty at the center of its vision. The love for details that has made this company a leader in the wall covering sector is the engine behind these creations. The attention to detail, the refinement of materials and production techniques make an Arte wall covering a unique work. We present here two brand new collections: Osmathus and Les Forêts. To not miss the arrival of the new collections, subscribe to our Newsletter (in the footer at the bottom of the page) and follow us on Instagram @decointerni

In the photo above:

Gardens of Okayama: wall covering embroidered with very fine sisal fibres.

In the photo on the right:

Chasu: wall covering that celebrates the Korean textile art from which it takes its name.


The Tinto design is made with banana bark. The bark is dyed in natural colors with numerous different shades. The wide strips are hand woven into a checkerboard pattern and then cut into tiles. Finally, these tiles are arranged in a dense pattern.