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How long does it take for the order to arrive?

We try to deliver throughout Italy and Europe within 20 working days. Many of our products arrive in Italy from abroad so shipping times vary depending on the origin of the goods. You will find all the information on shipments on the SHIPPING page

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Can I cancel my order?

It depends on what you ordered and how much time has passed since the order. If the order has not yet been sent to the manufacturer it is possible to cancel the order but the notification must be made no later than 24 hours from the order on the site. For second thoughts, check our RETURNS policy. In any case CONTACT US! Our customer service will try to help you and will evaluate the best options for you on a case-by-case basis.


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How much product do I need?

WALLPAPER: When purchasing wallpaper the first thing to do is measure the height and width of the wall to be covered. When taking these measurements, remember to consider any windows, French windows or other elements that will not be covered as if they were part of the wall. We have created a tool that will allow you to calculate the amount of product needed and you can find it on every wallpaper page. In any case, we always advise you to consult with your consultant before purchasing or CONTACT US.


CURTAINS : measure the size of the window or French window for which the curtain is intended. For the curtain to have a soft fall we recommend adding approximately 15cm per side to the window width measurement; for example, for a 200cm wide window you will need 230cm (200 + 15 + 15) of fabric across the width. Each fabric has a different width so check the size of the fabric you have chosen.

It is always advisable to purchase an even quantity of sheets for the curtains unless a single sheet is enough for smaller windows.
Before purchasing a fabric for curtains, check that the fabric you have chosen is suitable for curtain use and what brightness it has. This information is available in the product sheets that you find in the description of the product itself.

UPHOLSTERY: The calculation of the fabric varies depending on the design of the fabric (if it is a solid color generally it's simpler and there will be less waste). In general we always recommend a comparison with the upholsterer before purchasing but we want to provide general measurements:

1 CHAIR: from 1 to 3 meters - the quantity varies depending on the project: 3 meters if you want cover the seat and both sides of the backrest. 1 meter if you want to cover only the seat.

1 ARMCHAIR: from 3 to 6 meters - the quantity varies based on how much surface area you need to cover, therefore armrests, cushion etc.

1 SOFA: from 10 to 18 meters of fabric - the quantity varies depending on the size of the sofa.


For assistance CONTACT US.

What is 'martindale' rub count?

Martindale rub count is the measurement index of the wear of a fabric. It indicates the number of pressures to which the fabric is subjected before becoming worn and is calculated with special machinery.

A fabric suitable for seats with a 50,000 martingale is considered to be of medium wear and therefore suitable for sofas or seats used daily. A 10,000 martingale seat fabric is much more delicate and is recommended for low-use seat or pouf coverings.

What is the pattern repeat?

The pattern repeat is an important variable in calculating the necessary amount of wallpaper and fabrics.

This is the measurement of the height of the entire pattern of the design. For example, let's think about a wallpaper whose entire design measures 100cm in height. When we spread the first sheet on our wall we will start from where the drawing itself begins. The paper is cut where the wall ends and it doesn't matter if the design is not repeated in full until the end of the wall. The portion of wallpaper that completes the design pattern is waste and will be eliminated.

Let's give an example: on a 250cm high wall, a paper with a drawing ratio of 100cm will have a 50cm crease per sheet (half the drawing which is not used). It is very important that the second sheet is placed next to the first so as to match, therefore this too will be spread out so that the design starts from the top and will have the same crease as the first sheet and so on for the third sheet until the wall is completed .

This variable is important because it helps us understand how many sheets we can get for each roll of paper and therefore know how many rolls of paper we need to buy to cover the entire wall. It is also used to calculate how much paper waste is expected and here it helps us to consider whether it is not appropriate to choose a design that allows for minimal waste.

The wallpaper calculation is not a process as simple as it might seem and before making the purchase we advise you to use the calculator found on each product page and in any case confirm the quantity with your consultant.

The same principle applies to calculating the quantity of curtain fabric. The sheets must match horizontally.

If in doubt or if you need assistance  CONTACT US.


Can I apply wallpaper myself?

In short, no. Applying wallpaper requires technical knowledge and experience. The process involves the preparation of the wall which can vary depending on the condition of the wall. For example if there is already wallpaper or if there are holes, etc. The professional will be able to suggest the glue to use based on the type of wallpaper, knows how to cut and lay the sheets so as to match the design horizontally and will have the right tools for the job.

Can I apply wallpaper in the bathroom?

Yes. Wallpaper can be applied both in the bathroom and in the kitchen but we recommend installing it away from direct contact with water. For walls near sinks it is advisable to protect the paper with a splash-proof material.

If you want to apply wallpaper next to a water source or even inside the shower, we recommend the products from Glamora GlamFusion which have a waterproof backing. All other Glamora designs can be printed on GlamFusion media for a small price difference. WRITE TO US for information on prices and support in the development of your project.