Don't worry. Arm yourself with a few simple rules, a good interior designer and that's it.

You can customize your ceiling with the best wallpapers and wall coverings, so as to create new levels of decor.

There are various solutions to satisfy your desire for creativity and your home well-being.

Usually, when designing ceilings in rooms in the home or in a work environment, the most immediate and highly resolving answer is the word white.
This because, in a high percentage of cases, imagination and creativity have been used for the design of other furnishing elements such as walls, furniture and floors.

What can be very easy, however, is compromising the brightness and harmony of an environment when the roofs are loaded with somewhat random colors and patterns.

Therefore it may happen that you end up obtaining the opposite effect to the desired one, namely: little light and confusing effects worthy of the most extreme surrealist art.

In this article you can read the advice of our interior designers, who will give you interesting ideas to direct your creativity towards the best solutions to customize your ceilings.



An increasingly growing trend

During 2020, the world of interior design has witnessed a real boom in ceiling wallpapers.

It was decidedly different times when the frescoes embodied the most popular solution to make the ceiling of a room in the house or a palace precious.

Today more than ever we return, but with another interpretation, to the decoration of ceilings with wallpaper. Which are increasingly recognized as true works of art.

In some cases, the roof becomes the creative basis on which to build the furnishing idea of ​​an environment. An original and unexpected element.

In others, a harmonious outline. Or a simple continuation of an existing pattern on walls or floors, which has the task of creating a total effect, which makes you immerse yourself completely in that environment. Sometimes, the ceiling can leave the theme of the wall unchanged, changing only the color, to give a detachment.

The roof therefore also becomes an expression, as well as a tool, of many interior designers with more maximalist tastes.


Here are some indications to better manage the design of a ceiling:

    • do not overdo the use of strong colors that are not in harmony with roofs that are too low. On the contrary, in the case of high ceilings, you can prefer a clear separation of colors that enhance the spaces.
    • avoid making those spaces that already suffer from low light even darker, as this would run the risk of making the environment claustrophobic.
    • We advise you to always contact a professional you can rely on for correct installation of the product, both on the wall and on the ceiling. Since these are very valuable wallpapers and wall coverings, it is advisable not to run the risk of damaging the product.
    • Enhance those elements that make the ceiling original, such as: beams, recesses, corners, windows.

The most popular ceiling papers? There really is something for everyone.

There are so many styles, we will list some of them below.


the Nuvolette di Fornasetti (in the photos below) are an excellent example of the sky, ideal for the sleeping area. There are also variants that depict the starry sky. Ideal for reconciling sleep and creating a peaceful environment.



the flowery ceiling of the designer Melanie Jade , suggests an "upside down" lawn, where a tea in the living room can be experienced as if you found sitting sipping it on a bench in Regent's Park in London.

The chandelier in this example gives the paper three-dimensionality, and also acts as a conjunction with the rest of the furniture which, remember, must be designed to create the right contrast with the ceiling.



Woodland Quercetum by Cole & Son is the perfect design for a roof garden.


The Jungle and Bosco themes are also among the most popular in this category, perhaps for the most exotic salons or the most eccentric toilets.



Mauritius by Pierre Frey for the 'jungle' look par excellence.


• the choice of this geometric paper cut into the roof creates a game with the Hungarian herringbone parquet and the firmness of the chandelier. The rest of the furnishings provide the right harmony between comfort and minimalism.



Papyrus is a geometric wall covering suitable for this effect.

stripes, damask themes, polka dots and other geometric figures are very useful in the bedroom or in the studies.

For classic lines the answer is obviously Ralph Lauren.