The period from the 1930s to the 1960s saw the birth and development of the modernist movement. The characteristics are a basic design and a sense of welcome and warmth. And it was precisely the sense of welcome and warmth to which mid-century design owed its success after the war.
A minimalist and rigid aesthetic but warmed by its color notes and the excessive use of wood.


In the photo Minneapolis fabric by Pierre Frey.
60 years after the end of its reference period, the mid-century has never ceased to fascinate and to be - albeit only with an accent - present in our homes.
Photo below: Pair of Dogs by Annika Reed. Matching wallpaper and fabric available.


Here is a selection of wallpaper and fabric designs with a modernist soul, some by big names such as that of Elise Djo-Bourgois to whom the Maison Pierre Frey has dedicated one of its recent collections.
Below: wallpaper Mexique by Pierre Frey.

Omexco wall covering: Joy-3

Inevitable in this half-century design reinterpretation, the latest collection by Elitis: Marqueteries. In the photo below Sève, a smooth wooden panel with all the nostalgia and elegance mid-century.