If you can't resist the current trend, here is a selection curated by our editor of wallpapers and fabrics that you could find in Barbie's home.
The "Barbiecore" trend is an evolution of the "cottagecore" and "grandmacore" aesthetic, inspired by the iconic Barbie doll and her flamboyant, feminine world. This interior decorating style focuses on combining bright colors, pastel shades and retro elements to create a playful and welcoming space.
The key colors in the Barbiecore trend are usually pink, blush pink, lilac, pastel blue and other pastel colors. These colors give a sweet and romantic look to the environment, creating a fabulous and carefree atmosphere. Furnishings, such as pillows, curtains, rugs and wallpaper, often feature floral motifs, polka dot prints or retro motifs, to emphasize the Barbiecore aesthetic.
As for the Barbiecore fabric and wallpaper collection, it includes a wide range of designs and prints to adapt to different tastes and furnishing styles. The main idea of ​​this collection is to transform interiors into fun, eclectic and fairy-tale spaces, capturing the joyful and fashionable spirit of Barbie.

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