Our family business

I remember those sample books with a worn cover on which my grandmother kept track of the inventory with a pencil ...

It was the 1980s when I started visiting my grandparents in their wallpaper shop. I remember the scent of paper samples and the weight of the pages.

There were papers with spongy plastic reliefs that were all the rage at the time. I leafed through them and ran my hand over them to feel the embossed pattern with my fingertips. Every now and then I would secretly scratch off a few pieces ..

In those days, wallpaper was not considered a luxury piece of furniture even if, like today, even then there were more valuable products than others. I remember many flowers, a few lines and a lot of damasks. The choice was not huge and it was rarely bought with the help of the architect and even fewer interior designers were seen.

Although I grew up surrounded by shelves full of wallpaper samples and fabric hangers, I never thought I'd be part of this world.

I wanted to work in communication and so after a degree in institutional communication in Rome, I left for London where I specialized and I realized the dream of working in advertising.

10 years later, I had accumulated wonderful experiences in one of the most fun creative industries ever. I have worked on important brands at an international level, with characters from cinema and sports, I have traveled and shot TV and press campaigns with large production companies in beautiful countries.

Although my choices have led me to travel, I have never strayed from the world of interior design. In the meantime, that special shop that smelled of paper and paint has become a beautiful showroom with the fruit of my parents' work. Those samples with a worn cover on which my grandmother kept an inventory in pencil, have become important books with valuable collections of papers and wall coverings. And so the interest in the news of the sector, for new signatures and new designs has never passed.

When I started Deco Interni, I promised to always be true to my taste and personally pick our selection.

When I had my children I felt the need to create something that would collect all my passions and my experiences combined with the desire to return to my roots. I wanted to continue a family journey for them.

My kids will always be my biggest motivation: I want them to be as proud of me as I am of my parents and my family.

I believe that fabrics and wallpapers must give emotion. And it is that emotion that must dictate the choice.

When I started Deco Interni, I promised myself to choose the products we offer on the site one by one. My choice is based on the quality of the product and the emotion it gives in me.

Thanks to our history, interior design for me is home in the most romantic sense of the word. And with Deco Interni I want to guide you in the creation of your home, with the hope that it will give you infinite emotions.