Cleaning wallpaper is not always an easy task, and you often fear ruining it in the process. However, it is important to keep it free from stains, dust and dirt. Here you will find everything you need to know about cleaning wallpaper.

General cleaning:

  • The wallpaper cannot be immersed directly in water, but it is possible to keep it clean with suitable products.
  • Before you begin, it is essential to identify the type of wallpaper you are using as cleaning methods vary depending on the material.
  • Check whether the wallpaper is washable. Washable wallpapers, such as vinyl or non-woven (TNT), can be cleaned with a damp cloth and liquid soap.
  • On the contrary, wallpapers made of cellulose or traditional paper must not be wet. In this case, stains can be treated locally or with a dry cloth

Cleaning by type of wallpaper:

  • Vinyl wallpaper: It is resistant to water and soap and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Fibreglass wallpaper: also resistant to water and soap, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Cellulose wallpaper: avoid using water or chemical detergents and just dust it.
  • Fabric wallpaper: clean it carefully, preferably by contacting the manufacturer or an expert.
  • Bamboo wallpaper: avoid using water and clean it delicately.
  • Hybrid wallpaper: requires daily maintenance, such as dusting, and is not washable.

Cleaning products:

  • Use bleach-free detergents to avoid damaging the paper design.
  • Marseille soap is a safe choice for cleaning wallpaper, as well as degreasing but gentle household cleaning detergents.
  • For an eco-friendly option, you can create a DIY cleaner with water, vegetable soap flakes, baking soda and essential oil.

Practical advice:

  • Dust the wallpaper regularly with a cloth or vacuum cleaner to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Use gloves to protect your hands during cleaning.
  • If possible, wipe the paper gently with a sponge or smooth cloth.
  • Do not attempt to remove mold from wallpaper without first removing the covering.
  • Use soap sparingly to prevent the walls from becoming sticky.
  • Avoid using bleach, as it can be too aggressive.

By following these tips, you will keep your wallpaper clean and in excellent condition over time.