When you choose to use wallpaper, it happens that you are left with pieces and scraps of various sizes that are not enough to cover an entire room. These advances may end up going to waste, but there is room for creativity that allows us to take advantage of advanced wallpaper in many ways.

Here are a series of fun ideas to give new life to these wallpaper remnants.

1. Cabinet and Drawer Lining: Use wallpaper to line children's toy baskets or the insides of wardrobes and drawers. Choose motifs that adapt to the context, such as drawings dedicated to the little ones or patterns that add a touch of fantasy.

2. Designs for the Children's Room: Create fun designs for the walls of children's rooms by assembling colorful wallpaper scraps. For example, you can create cheerful hot air balloons that make the environment more lively.

3. Furniture Restyling: Advanced wallpaper can transform furniture, headboards and dressers, giving them a touch of glamour. You can apply it carefully on the surface of the furniture, for example on the front of the drawers or doors, for an original but not excessively invasive look.

4. Chair Backs and Headboards: Use wallpaper to cover areas of the wall where chair backs or bed headboards may have damaged the surface. This allows you to create original decorations that add a touch of style to the environment. You can also apply the paper to the seats and backs of chairs for a unique look.

5. Party Decorations: With wallpaper scraps, you can create colorful festoons for parties or special events. Simply cut triangles from paper and glue them on a colored ribbon to hang inside or outside the house.

6. Covering Agendas and Notebooks: Wallpaper can be used to cover agendas, notepads, notebooks and diaries, transforming them into unique and eco-friendly gifts to share with friends and relatives.

7. Decorating Stairs: Liven up the steps of a staircase with wallpaper scraps. Simply cut the paper to size and glue to the front of each step for a striking decorative touch.

8. Decorative Paintings: Frame wallpaper to create decorative paintings that can embellish bare walls. Buy suitable frames and cut the paper to size to obtain prints to display elegantly.

9. Drawer Lining: Decorate the inside of drawers with wallpaper instead of the usual wood. You can choose fun patterns or bright colors for a striking touch, especially on furniture with simple lines.

10. Bunting Garland: Smaller wallpaper scraps are ideal for DIY projects, such as making a bunting garland. Simply cut diamonds out of paper, fold them in half and glue them to a string. This is a cheap and quick to make decoration idea, perfect for birthdays, weddings or any other party.

Wallpaper can be used in creative and versatile ways to add personality and style to different elements of your home, while also contributing to the recycling and reuse of materials.