Traditionally, we rely on an expert to furnish our homes. The architect helps us to define the structure, to improve the livability of the rooms by creating an optimal flow and making the most of the potential of the house. And for the decoration of the house, once the design is complete, we rely on the same architect or an interior designer. We always support the choice of relying on a professional but we also know that it's not always possible, both due to lack of time or budget and because maybe we just need to do a little revamping of one or two rooms and with the right means we can even do it ourselves .

Here are 3 good reasons to decorate your home online:


You have the catalogs available at any time of the day or night! Our customers love to browse the collections in front of the TV and many tell us that they find it relaxing. If you have a job that doesn't allow you to spend hours in a wallpaper shop then you will find invaluable the ability to choose the design for you at your leisure and when it suits you.


Let's face it, choosing the right design takes time and sometimes we want to reflect a few days before proceeding. But going to a shop it is easy to feel the pressure of the staff (even highly qualified ones) and you end up wanting to stall and having to face several visits to the store before feeling safe. This does not happen when shopping online. You can visit the product page you like as many times as you want without eyes watching you hoping for a prompt decision.


Even the best-stocked shop will not be able to offer you the choice you find online. Simply because it is not physically possible to contain all the samples and strips from each manufacturer. Instead, online you can find all the collections, even the newest ones that have not yet been delivered to the retailers. And if you've chosen to live far from large city centres, furnishing online becomes a necessity (as well as a great convenience!).

We hope we have convinced you and if you still want the help of an expert, our customer service is at your disposal for free advice and purchase assistance.


PS: It is possible that you have chosen a design that you like but you are not sure about the composition of the paper or fabric. Then we remind you that you can buy a sample and that the price of the sample will be deducted from the order.