We reveal the 4 questions to ask yourself before choosing the right wallpaper for your project.

It's much easier than you think.

1 - Does the room have natural light?

If your room has a lot of light, you have no obstacles and you can choose a dark pattern, a dense design - for example jungle with a dark background such as Palmera Cubana - or a wall covering with a warm texture such as example in wood or velvet which tend to make a small gloomy environment. Instead, in a bright room, any color or covering has room to shine and not darken the environment. If your room has little light, we recommend light-based, metallic colors and bright textured wall coverings such as Thelxiépéia by Elitis which would even light up a dark room at midnight!


2 - In which room do you want to apply the wallpaper?

Not all wallpapers are suitable for all environments. And we are not talking about design but about composition. Do you want to decorate the bathroom or kitchen? If the wallpaper is intended to be in contact with water, even if only in the promixity it is advisable to choose wallpaper that is water resistant. Glamora's GlamFusion collection is printed on a waterproof fiberglass support and can be mounted inside the shower. Instead, if you are decorating the children's room, consider a TNT - Non Woven Fabric - or a vinyl (most of the papers are TNT or vinyl) as they are easily washable. But keep spirit colors under lock and key because no wallpaper is saved...


3 - How big is the wall?

Not all cards are suitable for all walls. In this case we are referring to the measures and not to the composition. For example, many panoramic views have a fixed size and if the measurements do not match those of the wall, the result is that part of the wall will remain uncovered. But even a wallpaper sold on the roll may not be suitable if, for example, paper waste is very high. We never advise our customers to buy a wallpaper that results in a big waste, unless it can be used to complement the room (e.g. cover the wardrobe doors..). If in doubt, read our article on how to measure wallpaper HERE.


4 - Which design makes me happy?

There are no rules for choosing the right pattern or solid colour. There are tastes and tastes cannot be tought. Choosing a wallpaper is like choosing a partner: if you have butterflies in your stomach when you see it, then you know it's the right one for you. 



And if you have any doubts or questions, you can always write to us here in the chat (bottom right on every page of the site!).