How to decorate your home: 3 rules for choosing the colour palette.

Selecting the color palette is a fundamental step when furnishing, as it allows you to define the visual aspect of the project. An accurate analysis is essential to assign the right importance to the elements involved. Avoiding the excessive use of colours avoids creating disorder and guarantees harmony to the environment.

Generally we rely on experts for the choice of colors as structural elements, natural light must be considered and planning of the whole house would be needed to ensure that the rooms 'talk to each other'. All these elements are not always clear or even considered by a non-expert eye.

But in the meantime let's take a first step. Let's choose a color palette for a room. How many colors are needed? And how do we know if they are good together?

Here are some simple rules for non-professionals, to keep things simple and avoid going crazy:

  1. Choose 3 colors if you want to play safely but without being banal. Choose 5 colors if you feel really inspired, but never exceed this figure. Even just one color furnishes, in fact choosing just one color for an environment

  1. is a very specific stylistic choice. To give dynamism 

  1. it is however possible to add another color to give an accent. Whether it is in a curtain or a pouffe, the second color breaks the monochrome creating an intriguing visual movement. color palette come scegliere quando si arreda

  2. Only 2 colors are your key colors, the others are accents. So your 2 main colors should dominate the room: walls, main furniture, curtains. Accents can also be small details such as a wall lamp, a mirror frame or a pillow. In the image below, the red and orange are the accent colors and are cleverly 'distributed' at the same visual height creating almost a horizontal line. interior design come arredere da soli

  3. Create a mood board or an inspirational bulletin board. A creative project always starts from an inspirational board. Pinterest is definitely the ideal digital space to create an inspirational board. Remember that inspiration comes from everywhere and your board shouldn't only contain interior images; it can be anything that brings you joy. color palette arredare casa

Seeing your colors together will give you the confidence to choose the decorations for your interiors and will make your job easier when the time to choose the colors arrives. furniture and decorations such as wallpaper and fabrics. Choosing the textures will be the next step but we'll talk about it in the next article :)