Wall panels or panoramics, which can be considered real wallpaper paintings, are a form of artistic and decorative expression that can completely transform the appearance of a room. There is a wide range of options, from fixed-size to custom-made panels, that capture the imagination and bring art directly into our homes.

hills of sapa quadri di carta da parati

Fixed size wall panels are an ideal choice for those looking for pre-defined solutions. It is possible in many cases to apply fixed size panels consecutively next to each other to create a wallpaper effect and uniquely enrich an environment by having the repetition of a very large design.

To respond to the need for a customized solution, there are custom-made panels. Glamora and Spaghetti Wall are two Italian brands specialized in tailor-made solutions. While Glamora deals only and exclusively with panels and therefore precise designs that are printed to measure on the wall, Spaghetti Wall offers a selection of panels but also wallpaper.

spaghettiwall pannello

Developing a tailor-made project has only benefits. It is possible to make graphic changes and create harmony between the panel and other elements in the environment. For example, if a wall lamp or the headboard of the bed risks covering part of the design, graphic changes can be made to move these elements and avoid overlaps.

Let's not forget waste! Unfortunately, there is often large waste of wallpaper. When the product is custom printed it is almost impossible to have waste.

And last - but not least - both Glamora and Spaghetti Wall offer a sustainable choice. That is, once you have selected the design you want 

you can request printing on a natural and therefore eco-sustainable support.

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