When it comes to furnishing the terrace, furnishing fabrics are a key element in creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. Textiles can completely transform a space, adding color, texture and personality. In this article, we will explore how to use furnishing fabrics to furnish the terrace, focusing on some reference brands such as Dedar, Elitis and Pierre Frey, known for their excellence in the sector.

  1. Choosing the right fabrics: When selecting fabrics for the terrace, it is essential to consider resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays. Brands such as Dedar, Elitis and Pierre Frey offer a wide range of fabrics specifically designed for outdoor spaces. Opt for wear-resistant materials, such as polypropylene or acrylic, which guarantee long life without compromising style.

  2. Colors and patterns: Furnishing fabrics offer infinite customization possibilities. Choose bright colors to create a cheerful and joyful atmosphere, or neutral shades for a more sophisticated and elegant look. Patterns can be used to add visual interest: from classic stripes to modern geometric motifs, fabrics from brands such as Dedar, Elitis and Pierre Frey offer a wide choice to suit every style and taste.

  3. Cushions and curtains: Cushions and curtains are essential elements to make the terrace welcoming and comfortable. Opt for cushions stuffed with weather- and stain-resistant fabrics, so you can leave them outdoors without worries. Curtains, in addition to providing sun protection, can create an intimate and evocative atmosphere. Choose breathable fabrics that filter light, such as those proposed by Dedar, Elitis and Pierre Frey, to obtain a relaxing and harmonious environment.

  4. Rugs and textile furnishings: Rugs and textile furnishings can add warmth and definition to outdoor spaces. Choose rugs that are weatherproof and easy to clean, which give a touch of style and comfort to your terrace. Textile furnishings such as poufs, blankets or padded benches can be used to create welcoming and inviting relaxation areas.pierre frey tessuti esterni

  5. Attention to detail: Finally, don't forget to pay attention to detail. Use soft furnishing fabrics to cover cushions and chair seats, creating visual harmony between the elements. Experiment with different fabrics, mixing textures