You want to furnish your children's room but you only find fabrics with clouds, dolls and wallpapers with teddy bears. I know, I went there recently... The children's room is the most fun room in the house and yet the furnishing proposals are always the same. Neutral colors and slightly boring subjects, let's face it!

When I asked my 5 year old son Teo to choose a wallpaper for his room, he without hesitation indicated Leopard Dots by Scion . I confess that she hadn't been taken into account but in fact I thought why is not to dare and have fun with a leopard print patten? I don't have photos of Teo's room because it's always messy (...) but I'll show you some bedrooms where new patterns and bright colors are combined and maybe I'll help you find some ideas for your children's bedroom.

 Cameretta bambini carta da parati pierre frey

Arty by Pierre Frey (wallpaper in the photo above) remains a furnishing classic. Also available in matching fabric, the colorful design recalls free brushstrokes in an abstract art painting. Perfect for a young artist's room.

Camera bambini carta da parati riga

The line seems serious (and in fact in the image above a pò is é..) but the line canò be very colourful, broken , wavy and if you combine multiple colors it becomes very fun. Check out all the striped wallpaper at THIS link!

Have fun by combining strong colors: green, yellow and blue together! Use colorful scandi patterns as in the photo above which allow you to create different levels of decoration without messing up. The Scion wallpaper collection is perfect. Discover it at this LINK.


Have fun!


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