The bedroom is the oasis of peace in the house. Our corner of comfort away from everything and everyone where you can really relax and be yourself. A space of our own to jealously protect. This is why it is important to choose the right colors and designs for the bedroom.

The choice of colors must be the basis of every furnishing project. It is no coincidence that professionals start designing with the choice of 2 or 3 complementary colours. This helps narrow down the choice of decorative elements such as wallpaper, curtains and any coverings for poufs, armchairs or bed cushions. But if colors are at the base, the more complex choice is style. Let's see together 3 styles of furniture for the bedroom.

1 - ZEN

'Zen' is a Japanese word which means 'to meditate' or 'to think' and for this reason it is often used to indicate a relaxed and peaceful attitude or 'mood'. To create a 'zen' environment, you need to start with a neutral color palette. Grey, white, taupe with darker accents are perfect. The style deliberately recalls the shapes and fabrics of the Far East: simple, sophisticated and minimalist lines so as not to distract the mind and allow us to relax.

The GlamPure collection by Glamora is an easy zen choice. A series of customized panoramic murals with natural subjects and stylized shapes, soft colors on a 100% ecological support. Click HERE to see the collection.

Glamora Kokoro carta da parati rivestimento murale su misura

Two other¬†collections that encompass the simplicity and elegance of the Zen style are signed by Elitis. Art Paper celebrates wallpaper and its raw material: paper worked with the art of papier mach√© and plain colours. √Čpure has a strong link with oriental decorations and craftsmanship¬†. A choice of soft and strong colors such as midnight blue and bottle green create a strong contrast to the minimalist design. Discover the latest Elitis collections¬†by clicking¬†HERE.

Lastly, the collection of wall coverings Osmanthus designed by ARTE. A collection that recalls the oriental textile arts with all the craftsmanship of ARTE. Each wallcovering, including the plain colours, is produced with refined embossed embroideries on a sisal backing. The choice of natural materials such as jute, cotton and sisal makes this collection even more precious.

The choice of fabrics must be complementary to that of the wallpaper. If we have decided to make the walls the protagonists then the curtains must be approached with discretion. To keep the environment calm, a solid color or a thin and discreet stripe that creates a slight layering effect is recommended.

The neutral tones of Fanfara (image below) - shantung by Dedar - are perfect for this environment. With Fanfare it is not the drawing that speaks but its refined composition in pure silk. For small, very delicate coverings or precious curtains, Calicanto by Dedar discreetly sets the right accent. An abstract and highly material monochromatic jacquard which owes its finish to the fil coupè technique.



The eclectic style needs a lot of attention in execution because if not done with care, it could result in making a mess!

The eclectic style can be summed up in two words: 'mix&match'. For lovers of beautiful things but not of precise and rigid styles, this is the opportunity to give vent to one's creativity. The choice of furniture has no rules: mid-century design, modern, wooden beds or upholstered in fabric: everything is fun. And so the choice of wallpaper and fabrics must also be free. Beata Heuman does it very well and her designs are an endless source of inspiration.

Masters in creating eclectic patterns par excellence with refined techniques and precious materials and finishes is theMaison Pierre Frey. Among the numerous collections, the Les Dessins series (which counts up to 6 original editions) presents a series of eclectic and fun but always elegant designs. Between dreamlike and physical journeys, between culture and design, discover the most iconic designs HERE.

A very fashionable version of the eclectic style is the granny chic we talk about in THIS article on our blog.



If we had to name an absolute sovereign of this style, the crown could only go to Sasha Bikoff. The use of bows, trimmings and pastel colors (with pink in first place) contrasts with the choice of animalier patterns, metallic accents and edgy details! MEAOW!!

Unleash your rock soul and choose animal prints as much as you can like Panthera by Pierre Frey (which Sasha uses with absolute mastery in the bedroom in the photo below).

 Sasah Bikoff interior design Panthera carta da parati Pierre Frey

As a fabric for both curtains and upholstery, we cannot fail to mention Adamo&Eva, a classic cotton velvet with a 9000-thread weave that makes it very soft and sumptuous to the eye and to the touch. A classic by Dedar.

Dedar tessuto tappezzeria Adamo&Eva

And as per the wallpaper an exceptional (and brand new) collection is Caractère by Zinc Textile. Its Lacqueur has a shiny varnish effect in which one can mirror oneself.

This style certainly isn't for everyone, but no style is for everyone: everyone has their own and in the bedroom before any other room, self-expression comes before the opinion of others.


PS: the one in the photo at the top of the page is the bedroom that Sasha Bikoff designed for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York. Isn't it absolutely fabulous? :)